LG Hom-Bot sounds

A while ago I added the LG Hom Bot Server to our Hom Bot, which connects the bot to Wifi and provides web and ssh access. Would it be possible to change the sounds on the bot?

The sounds on the LG Hombot reside in the directory /usr/SNDDATA. These are raw sound files (no compression or other metata) with

  • encoding: signed 16-bit PCM
  • byte order: Little-endian
  • 1 channel (mono)
  • sample rate 16000 Hz

First backup all the sound files, just in case:

mkdir -p backup/usr
cd backup
scp -r root@<your ip>:/usr/SNDDATA usr

You can import these files into Audacity with File — Import — Raw Data, or use the sox tool to play and convert files on the command line:

To play a Hom-Bbot sound on a mac

brew install sox
play -t raw -r 16k -e signed -b 16 -c 1 SND_CLEANING_BEGIN.snd

To change one of the Hom-Bot sounds, create your own sample, or download a sound file from e.g. Wall-E Movie sound. Then convert it to snd format, and copy it over the file of the sound you want to change:

sox WALLE\ 1.mp3 -r 16000 -c 1 -t s16 walle.snd
scp walle.snd root@<your ip>:/usr/SNDDATA/SND_CLEANING_SECTOR.snd

See also HomBot 3.0 Hacking thread 6415


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